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Contributed by Glendale Community College John F. Prince Library Media Center

This archival collection is a collection of the life and history of Glendale Community College.  It includes early photographs of the construction of the colleges, yearbooks of the first formative years of the institution, student newspapers and literary journals stretching back from the 1960s until today, and a vast treasure of resources that span the fifty year history of the institution.  In order to aid navigation, it is divided into several distinct parts:

Campus Life - This collection is a window into the different eras of Glendale Community College (GCC) and is filled with historic photos, videos of speakers, and miscellaneous items that really tell the story of the college.

  • Campus Photos - As long as there have been students and a campus, there have also been cameras.  This collection showcases photographs of both the GCC campus and community throughout the decades.
  • Speaker Video - A number of excellent and nationally renowned speakers have graced GCC’s hallowed halls to share their wisdom.  These scholars, politicians, and witnesses to history, include renowned figures such as Holocaust survivors Ella & Harry Adler who later founded the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors Association, former Arizona senator and presidential republican nominee Barry Goldwater, Japanese internment camp (Gila River) survivor Masaji Inoshita, noted historian Howard Zinn, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and others.  These videos showcase their speeches.
  • Miscellaneous - Defying categorization, these videos showcase a variety of items that give insight into the history of the college.

Construction - In the mid-1960’s, Glendale Arizona was largely an agricultural community filled with citrus groves, ranches, and fields of grain.  Within this context was built GCC, which has only expanded from there.  This collection contains photos throughout the initial construction of GCC’s main campus, along with subsequent construction and the building of the North campus.

  • Preconstruction - These are photos and images taken before the construction of the college and include photos of the land upon which the college would be built and architectural renderings of the future college.
  • Main Campus Buildings - These photos and videos cover the construction of later main campus buildings that followed the initial construction phase of the campus.

Graduation - For over fifty years, Glendale Community College has graduated students and scholars set to change Arizona and the world.  This collection serves as a record of these events and contains Commencement Programs for each year’s graduates, along with videos for all the graduation ceremonies after 1985 and nursing portraits that capture some of GCC’s graduating nursing classes.

  • Commencement Program - At each graduation ceremony, graduating students receive a program detailing the event and listing the graduates of that year.  Since the inception of the college, GCC has been collecting these programs.  In them, you can see information about the graduation ceremony and see names of the many successful students who had crossed the GCC stage.
  • Commencement Video - Since 1985, GCC has been recording graduation ceremonies for posterity.  In these graduation videos, alumni can relive their graduation experience, see the speeches given and even watch themselves walk across the graduation stage.
  • Nursing Graduation Portraits - A tradition amongst the Nursing students of the college has been to take a group portrait of each graduating class.  This representative sample showcases a number of the many successful nursing students that GCC has been privileged to help educate.

Historic Documents - Throughout the history of the college, there has been a number of interesting documents that chronicle GCC history and give a window into the college at the time.  This collection contains some of these historical documents along with different Ads and Promos throughout the different eras of the college.

  • Ads and Promos - Throughout the history of the college, GCC has tried to market itself in a variety of ways.  This collection showcases some of the ads and fliers that have been created over the decades.
  • GCC Documents - In addition to some of the other major historical documents previously mentioned, there are a few additional ones.  These include college plans and publications that give some insight to the inner workings of the college.
  • College Catalog - Each year, a catalog of classes is published so that students can see which classes are available to take in the semester.  This collections showcases catalogs from throughout GCC’s history, highlighting the evolving educational and curricular landscape of the college and higher education.
  • Student Bulletin / Student Services Courier - Before campus-wide email blasts, there were student bulletins that announced campus events and news.  This representative sample of these news blasts spans from 1965-1985 and captures some of the major happenings around the college.

Student Publications (Main Collection) - If you are looking to understand the history of Glendale Community College, you will find no better place than its student publications.  Spanning over fifty years, these student publications are key primary resources that capture the lives and times of students at the college.

  • Yearbooks - For the first three years in the history of the college, there was an annual yearbook capturing the early life of the school, its construction, and the students and teachers who blazed a trail for others to follow. 
  • El Tiempo Pasando / College Voice / The Voice - Since the inception of the college in 1965, the award-winning Voice Student Newspaper (originally called "El Tiempo Pasando” in its earliest publications) has provided a chronicle of the events and happenings of the college throughout the decades from the vantage point of its students.   The Voice provides unique insight into both the lives, times, and events that shaped generations of students in the Glendale community.
  • The Traveler - College is a time in which students often get a chance to explore their more creative sides.  Spanning over fifty years, The Traveler is GCC’s student literary and arts journal, and contains the creative works of many of GCC’s students including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, and sculpture.  Each issue is lovingly designed and provides insight into the visions and efforts of students throughout the life and history of the college. 

Veterans Heritage Project - This is a collection of veteran interviews done by students at either Glendale Community College one of the other Maricopa Community Colleges.  Many of the veterans interviewed are also affiliated with these colleges either as students or staff.  In these interviews, veterans tell the story of their service and offer both fascinating and revealing conversations about their time in the military.  The adviser for this project is Dr. Jennifer Lane from GCC and the project itself is a part of the Veterans Heritage Project, more of which might be learned through their website: 


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