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    • Arnold Smith Interview

    • Smith, Arnold
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; World War II; Industry; Economy; Political and Religious leaders
    • Interview with Arnold Smith. He shares stories about growing up in Phoenix after moving there from New York as a youth. He also talks about working for his father's steel company, going to Arizona State University, and serving in World War II....
    • Jerry Lewkowitz Interview

    • Lewkowitz, Jerry
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; law practice; Attorney General; Phoenix Thunderbirds; Antisemitism
    • Jerry Lewkowitz talks about his experiences growing up Phoenix in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. He discusses his experiences going through law school and working for the Attorney General. He discusses his community involvement including his...
    • Kirschner Interview

    • Kirschner, Rudy and Elaine
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community;
    • Elaine Kirschner describes what the smaller Jewish community was like when her family moved to Phoenix in the 1940s. Rudy Kirschner talks about his childhood in Prague and being part of the Kinder Transport in Europe during World War II. He talks...
    • Larry Cohen Interview

    • Cohen, Larry
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Federation; Community Involvement; Demographics
    • Larry Cohen talks about his time leading the Jewish Federation. He discusses the demographic and leadership shifts in the Jewish community since he moved to Phoenix in the 1980s.
    • Joy Carter Interview

    • Carter, Joy
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Community Service, Phoenix City Council; Vice-mayor; Community Boards
    • Joy Carter talks about her involvement in various community groups, including: Foundation for Senior Living, Salvation Army, Council for Jews with Special Needs, Phoenix City Council. She also discusses her experiences serving as Vice-Mayor three...
    • Larry Cutler Interview

    • Cutler, Larry
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Agriculture; Development; Cutler-Plotkin Center; Preservation
    • Larry Cutler talks about early life growing up Jewish in Phoenix. He talks about his grandparent's citrus farm, Cutler Orchards. He talks about his father's career as a general contractor. Cutler talks about his involvement in the Jewish Community...
    • Leni Reiss Interview

    • Reiss, Leni
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; journalism; George Bush; Israeli Prime Ministers; Jewish News
    • Leni Reiss describes her growth within the Jewish community and becoming editor of the Jewish News. She was invited to go with journalists to Lebanon right after the war. She met President George H.W. Bush at the White House. She talks about her...
    • Len Gordon  Interview

    • Gordon, Len
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Education; Hillel; Arizona State University
    • Len Gordon discusses his time spent as a professor and head of the Sociology department at Arizona State University. He talks about the growth of the Jewish presence at Arizona State, including his participation in the growth of Hillel at Arizona...
    • Lucia Schnitzer Interview

    • Schnitzer, Lucia
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Religious Conversion; Jewish Identity; Poetry; Inter-faith Marriage
    • Lucia Schnitzer describes her conversion to Judaism after being raised the daughter of a Christian pastor. She describes the Jewish community as a large, extended family, and shares a poem she wrote to describe the Jewish community. She talks about...
    • Marty Schultz Interview

    • Schultz, Marty
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Pinnacle West; Mayors of Phoenix; Politics; Arizona Jewish Historical Society
    • Marty Schultz describes his professional career starting as a teacher then working with Arizona Legislature for education, and then serving as Chief of Staff to three Phoenix mayors. He then joined Pinnacle West. He talks about his efforts to...
    • Linda Aarons Interview

    • Aarons, Linda
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; anti-semitism; community involvement; Beth-Israel Temple Youth
    • Linda Aarons talks about growing up Jewish in Phoenix, and some of the antisemitism she experienced in school. She discusses Jewish youth groups and camps, and Beth Israel Temple Youth.
    • Anita Gutkin and  Marilyn Tomback Interview

    • Gutkin, Anita and Tomback, Marilyn
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Identity; Heritage; Prejudice
    • Anita Gutkin and Marilyn Tomback are sisters of Jewish heritage who grew up in the Phoenix community. In this interview, they discuss their memories of prejudice at school, as well as their social life growing up as Jewish youth. They discuss their...
    • Michael Orlikoff Interview

    • Orlikoff, Michael
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Music; Senior Citizens
    • Michael Orlikoff talks about being the conductor of the Phoenix Metro Pops Orchestra. He also discusses Jewish appreciation for music and the arts. He talks about teaching music to children in the community, and performing for senior citizens.
    • Miryam Salter Interview

    • Salter, Miryam
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Israel; Education; Hebrew School; Culture
    • Miryam Salter discusses her arrival to Phoenix after serving in the Israeli Military and growing up in Israel. She talks about adjusting culturally to American culture. She talks about becoming a teacher at the Hebrew School, and the growth of the...
    • Ninfa Lowe Interview

    • Lowe, Ninfa
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Conversion; Crypto Jews; Family History
    • Ninfa Lowe discusses her conversion from Catholicism to Judaism. She talks about Rabbi Plotkin's role in her conversion. She talks about crypto Jews in the southwest and Mexico.
    • Norman Kogen Interview

    • Kogen, Norman
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Arizona Manor Resort; Israel; Volunteers for Israel; Business; Service; Anti-semitism
    • Norman Kogen describes his early life in Phoenix, and how his father built the Arizona Manor Resort. He talks about his father's hotel, which hosted Eleanor Roosevelt, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr., and Jeff Chandler. He talks about his involvement...
    • Mayor Phil Gordon Interview

    • Gordon, Phil
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Politics; Israel; Historical Preservation
    • Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon talks about his family moving to Phoenix and his years growing up. He discusses his education and background in politics. He talks about travelling to Israel as part of a delegation selected by George W. Bush.
    • Risa Mallin Interview

    • Mallin, Risa
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Holocaust Survivors Association; Holocaust Commission; storytelling; historical preservation
    • Risa Mallin talks about raising her children in Arizona. She discusses her role in the Holocaust Survivors Association and the Holocaust Commision. She discusses her efforts to teach the Jewish Community about the importance of Jewish identity and...
    • Rita Segal Interview

    • Segal, Rita
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; childhood; Arizona State University; Mormons; Temple Beth-Israel
    • Rita Segal talks about being born in Safford, Arizona in the 1930s. She discusses her experiences growing up in the small Jewish community within the predominantly Mormon Safford community. She discusses antisemitism. She discusses her involvement...
    • Sherry Bell Interview

    • Bell, Sherry
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Antisemitism; Defense Attorney; Family
    • Sherry Bell discusses growing up in West Phoenix. She talks about her experiences with antisemitism. She also talks about her experience as a defense attorney. She talks about the importance of values such as family and compassion.
    • Bob Kravetz Interview

    • Kravetz, Bob
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Israel; Community Involvement; Genealogy; History
    • Bob Kravetz talks about his commitment to the State of Israel and the Jewish Community. He discusses meeting several prominent Israelis. He discusses the importance of Jewish geneology and the importance of discovering one's roots. He talks about...
    • Stu Siefer Interview

    • Siefer, Stu
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Tempe; Mill Avenue; A Mountain; Architecture; Historic Preservation
    • Stu Siefer discusses his interest in the preservation of historic buildings. He talks about his efforts to preserve numerous structures on Mill Avenue in Tempe. He also discusses the preservation of the original Temple Beth-Israel structure. He...
    • Elana Storch and Debbie Harris Interview

    • Storch, Elana and Harris, Debbie
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Wexner Foundation; Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School; Education; Jewish Institutions
    • Elana Storch and Debbie Harris discuss their experience in the Wexner Foundation, as well as their key roles in founding the Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School.
    • Vicki Cabot Interview

    • Cabot, Vicki
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community
    • Vicki Cabot discusses coming to Phoenix from New York and New Jersey. She discusses working for the Jewish News in the 1980s. She talks about the Jewish Federation. She talks about the growth of the Phoenix Jewish community.
    • Ziskin Interview

    • Ziskin, Sarah and Hadassah
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Jewish Education;
    • Sarah and Hadassah Ziskin talk about moving to Phoenix from Chicago. They discuss the Jewish education provided in the 1960s by Temple Beth-El. The talk about living in a modern world while still being an observant Jew.
    • Tom Horne Interview

    • Horne, Tom
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Education; Legislature; Antisemitism
    • Tom Horne talks about his parents fleeing from Poland in 1939. He talks about arriving in Phoenix in 1971 as a lawyer. He discusses the process of selecting a new rabbi for a temple. He talks about his role on the school board, Education Committe...
    • Barry Stern Interview

    • Stern, Barry
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Architecture; Community Center
    • Interview with Barry Stern whose grandfather moved to Phoenix. In this interview, Mr. Stern talks about the early days of the Jewish community in Phoenix and about the early Jewish Community Centers in Phoenix and its different locations.
    • Beth Ames Swartz Interview

    • Swartz, Beth Ames
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Art; Desert; Religion; Philosophy; Kabbalah; Museum
    • Beth Ames Swartz discusses moving to Arizona, her development as an artist and love for the earth. She discusses her art, and how she tries to reflect the ideas of compassion, love, life cycles, and connection to the earth and each other that all...
    • Bill Adler Interview

    • Adler, Bill
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; West Virginia; Merchants, Architecture; Social Life; Community Center
    • Bill Adler talks about moving from West Virginia to Phoenix in the 1950s. He talks about the early community centers, and also talks about going to Arizona State University when it was Arizona State College. He talks about the old Community Center...
    • Bonnie Koppel Interview

    • Koppel, Bonnie
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; female rabbi; United States Army; War in Iraq, Passover, Seder; Desert Storm
    • Bonnie Koppel discusses how she came to be the only female rabbi serving in the United States Army. She was also the first female rabbi in Arizona. She talks about her experiences serving as a Jewish chaplain in Arab regions of the world.
    • Bruce Mallin Interview

    • Mallin, Bruce
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Prescott; United States Navy; American Medical Society; Medicine
    • Bruce Mallin talks about his childhood in Prescott and the small Jewish community there during World War II. He talks about moving to Phoenix and becoming a doctor. He served as a board member of the American Medical Society. He was in the United...
    • Carol Kern Interview

    • Kern, Carol
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; New York; Brandeis; Book Publishing; Education
    • Carol Kern talks about moving from Brooklyn to Phoenix. Discusses the development of a Brandeis chapter in Phoenix, of which she became President. Discusses the Book and Author Luncheon fundraiser held annually. Talks about the international...
    • Chernins Interview

    • Chernin, Homer and Edith
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Nogales; Tucson; Louisiana;
    • Homer and Edith Chernin discuss how they met. She came to University of Arizona from Chicago. He was raised in Nogales, AZ. They talk about the various community groups and involvement they have had in the Jewish community in Arizona and Louisiana....
    • George Weisz Interview

    • Weisz, George
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Anti-semitism; Don Bowles murder; Law Enforcement; Anti-Defamation League
    • George Weisz describes his career as a special agent for the Attorney General's office as well as serving for Mayor Phil Gordon and Janet Napolitano. Mr. Weisz also talks about the Don Bowles murder and his own participation in the Anti-Defamation...
    • Deborah Sussman-Susser Interview

    • Sussman-Susser, Deborah
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; World War II; Concentration Camps; Holocaust Survivor Stories; Reform Judaism
    • Deborah Sussman-Susser talks about her father's family who lived in Europe during World War II. They lived in Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam. Her father attended school with Ann Frank and his parents were friends with Frank's parents. She talks...
    • Ed Korrick Interview

    • Korrick, Ed
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Anti-semitism; Banking Industry;
    • A businessman and stockbroker, Korrick was elected to the Phoenix City Council in 1970 as the first non-Charter Government candidate to win. In addition, he was an important community leader and philanthropist.
    • Edie Stoneman Interview

    • Stoneman, Edie
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Kivel; Fundraising
    • Edie Stoneman talks about her community involvement in the Phoenix Jewish Community. Specifically, she discusses her involvement with Kivel and New Directions, helping these groups expand and grow through fundraising.
    • Elaine Hirsch Interview

    • Hirsch, Elaine
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Education; Resource Centers; Jewish Heritage and Identity.
    • Elaine Hirsch talks about growing up in a predominantly Jewish community in Cincinatti. She moved to Arizona in the late 1970s, and has been involved in Jewish education and resource libraries. Hirsch discusses the desire of those in the Jewish...
    • Harvey Dietrich Interview

    • Dietrich, Harvey
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Anti-semitism; Cattle Industry
    • Harvey Dietrich talks about his rise in the meat industry, moving from Los Angeles to Phoenix. Dietrich talks about the anti-semitism he has experienced, from his youth through his professional career.
    • Helen Handler Interview

    • Handler, Helen
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Holocaust; World War II; Auschwitz
    • Helen Handler talks about her experiences growing up Jewish in World War II Europe and being sent to Auschwitz as a teenager. Sharing her stories as a Holocaust survivor, Handler also talks about coming to America, living in Detroit, moving to...
    • Irwin Scheinbein Interview

    • Scheinbein, Irwin
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Jewish Refuseniks; Russia; Poland; Israel
    • Irwin Scheinbein talks about growing up Jewish in Phoenix. He also discusses his various travels, his visit to the Jewish Refuseniks in Russia, his trip to Poland to visit Auschwitz and his trip to Israel.
    • Jay Bycer Interview

    • Bycer, Jay
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Charities; Educational institutions; Community Involvement
    • Jay Bycer discusses his involvement in Jewish charities and educational organizations and institutions. He discusses the various fundraising efforts and his motivation to serve in the Jewish community of Phoenix.
    • Janet Arnold Interview

    • Arnold, Janet
    • Phoenix; Jewish Community; Arizona Jewish Theater; Herberger Theater;
    • Janet Arnold talks about how she became the producing director of the Arizona Jewish Theater. She discusses the positive interaction between the Jewish and non-Jewish actors, directors, and technicians in the Phoenix theater scene.


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