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Arizona Memory Project is open to any Arizona cultural institution that is interested in making their digital holdings available online. There are many benefits to becoming a Partner, including access to tools and training that facilitate the digitization process. The Arizona Memory Project does not have rights to partner material and assumes no liability for rights infringement.

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A service of Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records The years 1859-1922 represent a time when Arizona grew up. A broad documentation of this valuable history can be found in the newspapers of the day. In accordance with their mission to ensure that Arizona's history is documented and preserved, and in joint effort with the National Endowment for the Humanities and Library of Congress, The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records is proud to contribute to the National Digital Newspaper Program by digitizing select Arizona newspaper titles from this vital time in history in preparation for global online access. Visit

What's New

  • Arizona National Forest Maps 1907-1945Arizona National Forest Maps 1907-1945

    The Arizona State Archives Map Collection contains maps of all current and many former national forests in Arizona. The General Land Law Revision Act of 1891 allowed for setting aside forest reserves which later became the national forests. Presidential proclamations established the first forest reserves in Arizona and New Mexico in 1892. The earliest maps in this collection date back to 1907 with several of the first national forests in the state created by presidential proclamation. The presidential proclamations accompany the 1907-1910 maps.

  • Lescher-Mahoney Architectural DrawingsLescher-Mahoney Architectural Drawings

    The architectural team of Lescher-Mahoney can be seen throughout Arizona in schools, hospitals, and churches as well as residential, commercial and government buildings. The images featured here are taken from 70 mm microfilm previously inaccessible due to reel size and chemical deterioration. Now 11 of the 25 microfilm rolls have been digitized using state-of-the-art camera and image-enhancing software.

  • Arizona State Library Historic NewslettersArizona State Library Historic Newsletters

    This collection of newsletters and news magazines documents the Arizona State Library, the Arizona State Library Association and Arizona government activities from the 1930s to the early 1990s. Included in these documents are articles by Mulford Winsor and others that cover topics like budgets, awards, scholarships, trainings, library architecture, public library programming, conferences, workshops, committees, and more.

  • Artifacts from the Holocaust and Nazi GermanyArtifacts from the Holocaust and Nazi Germany

    Various items related to the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust were given over the years to the Martin-Springer Institute at Northern Arizona University, in most cases anonymously. The collection sheds light on select aspects of life in Germany before, during, and after the Nazi dictatorship. It includes everyday items like currency and chinaware, items that speak to the life under the conditions of World War II, and objects related to Nazi propaganda and the genocide against European Jews (like the official stamp of the camp commander of the concentration camp of Gross-Rosen).

  • Cochise College 50th Anniversary CollectionCochise College 50th Anniversary Collection

    Cochise College first opened its doors for classes in 1964 and is proud to mark 50 years of service to Southeastern Arizona and the community it serves. The 50th Anniversary Collection was developed from the College Archives and presents a photographic history of the college. The Collection features photos of administrators, faculty, students and college events that span six decades. If any descriptive errors are observed in the images by the community, please contact the Cochise College Libraries and the errors will be corrected.

  • History of the Japanese American Citizens League in ArizonaHistory of the Japanese American Citizens League in Arizona

    For more than 75 years, the Arizona Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League has served as a means of support to the community in regard to social issues and activism.  This collection features photographs from the collection of Mas Inoshita which range from a variety of social gatherings to include family photographs, citizenship ceremonies, organizational meetings, and others.

Spotlight On

  • forestmapsTonto National Forest. Arizona. 1937
    1 map: 60 x 65 cm; scale 1:250,000; relief shown by hatchures and spot heights. Map shows national forest boundary, roads, trails, railroads, supervisor headquarters, ranger stations, permanent lookout stations, triangulation stations, and other buildings.
    ~   Arizona National Forest Maps 1907-1945
  • ahslescherNurses Home and Training School for Good Samaritan Hospital
    First floor plan for a nurse's home and training school at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Commission No. 1195, Sheet 2-11.
    ~   Lescher-Mahoney Architectural Drawings
  • phxsisterAgreement of the Sister Cities Between the City of Taipei and City of Phoenix
    Official Document of the signing of Sister Cities Relationship between City of Taipei and City of Phoenix (original document in English).
    ~   Phoenix Sister Cities Taipei Sister Cities Committee
  • ccl50thBil Kimble
    Bill Kimble, Class of 1968
    ~   Cochise College 50th Anniversary Collection
  • aslaprnewsArizona State Library Newsletter Issue No. 03 July, 1936
    This issue of the State Library Newsletter includes the Eleventh Biennial Report of the Department of Library and Archives. The report contains details of the condition of the Library, its activities, and the disposition of moneys expended in its maintenance from July, 1934 to June, 1936.
    ~   Arizona State Library Historic Newsletters
  • jaclacJapanese Americans Socializing
    Japanese Americans at a country dance circa 1950.
    ~   History of the Japanese American Citizens League in Arizona
  • msiartifactNazi Poster
    This document declares that a soldier died a hero's death. "Getreu seinem Fahneneid starb im Kampf um die Freiheit Grossdeutschlands .....den Heldentod fuer Fuehrer, Volk und Vaterland" [Faithful to the pledge of the flag...died in the fight for the freedom of Greater Germany a hero's death for Fuehrer, people, and Fatherland]. Name is omitted in the space reserved for it. The symbol for the Third Reich-the eagle with a swastika enclosed by a wreath-sits at the top. On the back is a curious and mysterious sketch of possibly a design for a target or gravestone.
    ~   Artifacts from the Holocaust and Nazi Germany
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