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Arizona Memory Project is open to any Arizona cultural institution that is interested in making their digital holdings available online. There are many benefits to becoming a Partner, including access to tools and training that facilitate the digitization process. The Arizona Memory Project does not have rights to partner material and assumes no liability for rights infringement. Find Out More »

Alpine Public Library, Apache County Library District Thumbnail Image

Alpine Public Library, Apache County Library District

Alpine Public Library was founded in 1985. Our new building opened for business in January, 2009, and is approximately 3000 square feet. We serve the communities of Alpine, Nutrioso, Blue, AZ, and Luna and Reserve, NM. We have approximately 5800 print items and 900 media items.

Contributed Collections:

Archives of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson Thumbnail Image

Archives of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson

The Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson provides information about the history of Arizona and the Southwest, with an emphasis on the Catholic presence and influence on the area including Sacramental registers (baptism, confirmation, marriage and death); correspondence to and from each Bishop; ephemera of parishes within our boundaries and the priests who served there; and art and artifacts related to the diocese.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Capitol Museum Thumbnail Image

Arizona Capitol Museum

The Arizona Capitol Museum serves as a symbol of Arizona's rich and colorful history. It preserves, educates, and makes accessible Arizona's political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic history. Through its priceless collections and partnerships, the Museum hosts speakers' series and events, invites public and private stakeholders, and engages the public with the goal of improving our visitors' understanding of this distinct region. The museum features four floors, more than 20 exhibition areas, and a store showcasing some of Arizona's finest products.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Geological Survey Thumbnail Image

Arizona Geological Survey

Since February 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln first recognized the Territory of Arizona as a protectorate of the United States of America, mining has been the backbone of the Arizona economy. And for over a century, the Arizona Geological Survey and its predecessors have collected and archived information on mines and mine activities in Arizona.

Contributed Collections:

University of Arizona Health Sciences Library Thumbnail Image

University of Arizona Health Sciences Library

The UA Health Sciences Library (UAHSL) is the largest, most comprehensive health sciences library in Arizona. We provide access to essential medical information, participate as instructors in the curriculum of the colleges, and work in partnership with researchers and clinicians to improve health and health care.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Heritage Research Foundation Thumbnail Image

Arizona Heritage Research Foundation

Arizona Heritage Research Foundation (AHRF), a Payson-based historic research group incorporated in 2005, has expanded its work to include the preservation of historic buildings. Our Mission is to promote, educate, and preserve the history, culture, and genealogy of the people of Arizona, especially in the area of Payson, Arizona and surrounding communities.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Highways Thumbnail Image

Arizona Highways

For nearly nine decades, Arizona Highways magazine's award-winning photography and travel journalism and its steadfast commitment to discovering the state's treasures has brought the beauty and splendor of Arizona to visitors and natives alike.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC) Thumbnail Image

Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC)

The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC), under the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, is a statutory commission with the responsibility of advising the legislature and state agencies on matters relating to the state's history, heritage and historic preservation.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives, Tempe Thumbnail Image

Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives, Tempe

The Arizona Historical Society was founded by the territorial legislature on November 7, 1864. The Society is Arizona's oldest cultural institution, fulfilling its mission "to collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate the history of Arizona and the West as it pertains to Arizona."

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives, Tucson Thumbnail Image

Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives, Tucson

The Arizona Historical Society was founded by the territorial legislature on November 7, 1864. The Society is Arizona's oldest cultural institution, fulfilling its mission "to collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate the history of Arizona, the West, and Northern Mexico as it pertains to Arizona."

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Jewish Historical Society  Thumbnail Image

Arizona Jewish Historical Society

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Arizona's Jewish communities and educating the public about the Jewish contributions to Arizona and American life. To achieve these goals, we maintain a community archive with over 50,000 photographs, documents, and other memorabilia, and have recorded and transcribed over 250 oral and video histories. The Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, which interprets the Arizona Jewish experience for people of all faiths and ethnicities, is located in Phoenix's first synagogue. The 90-year-old building was recently restored and includes a museum gallery and a rental space for special occasions, and is home to the AJHS's archives and programs.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Military Museum Thumbnail Image

Arizona Military Museum

The Arizona Military Museum is an official activity of the Arizona National Guard operated by the Arizona National Guard Historical Society, Inc. The purpose of the society is to collect, preserve and display the military history of Arizona. The period of military history covers the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors to the present. The museum strives to be of service to scholars, students, past and present servicemen and women and to the general public.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Science Center Thumbnail Image

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center has a rich history of exploration, innovation and collaboration. Beginning as a community project of The Junior League of Phoenix in 1980, the Center has established itself as a major institution of learning for families, teachers and students and other guests. Over three decades, with substantial help from the citizens of Phoenix and years of focused content and program development, the Center has grown to serve over a half million guests annually, of which nearly 140,000 are school children.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records  Thumbnail Image

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records serves the information needs of Arizona citizens, providing access to unique historical and contemporary resources, including: Archives of historical records in Arizona. Library extension assistance to public libraries. Library for the visually and physically disabled. Museum on state government history and people of the state. Public records management program. Research and law library, the State of Arizona Research Library. Agency staff provides reference services and assistance with in-depth research in subject areas of law, government, genealogy and Arizona history. Additionally, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records offers consultant services to public libraries to strengthen county and local library services, and to government agencies of the cities, counties and state to assist in the management and preservation of official records. The Arizona State Library administers and monitors state and federal grants for public libraries and other authorized services. Additionally, the Agency offers special library and information services for the visually and physically disabled and institutionalized residents of Arizona. Branches of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records include the Archives and Records Management (also listed as the Arizona State Archives), Arizona Capitol Museum, Arizona Talking Book Library, Library Development, and State of Arizona Research Library.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records: State Archives Thumbnail Image

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records: State Archives

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records: Archives The State Archives, located in the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building, collects preserves and makes available to the public and all branches of government, permanent public records, historical manuscripts, photographs and other materials that contribute to the understanding of Arizona history. See more at:

Contributed Collections:

Arizona State Museum Thumbnail Image

Arizona State Museum

The Arizona State Museum is the oldest and largest anthropology museum in the Southwest, established in 1893. Its collections are world renowned in the study and research of the indigenous peoples and lands of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Its research library holds over 50,000 specialized titles in these subject areas, while its archives houses the papers and field notes of such Southwestern anthropologist legends as Emil Haury, Grenville Goodwin, Edward and Rosamond Spicer, and Clara Lee Tanner.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona State Railroad Museum Foundation Thumbnail Image

Arizona State Railroad Museum Foundation

The mission of the Arizona State Railroad Museum Foundation is to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit historic and cultural artifacts, as well as disseminate copies of historic documents relating to the railroad history, development, and heritage of Arizona, Territory and State.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona State University Library Thumbnail Image

Arizona State University Library

The Department of Archives and Special Collections at the Arizona State University Library is the administrative host for seven archival repositories and special collections primarily documenting the diverse history, arts and cultures of Arizona and the Southwest: Arizona Collection Chicano Research Collection Benedict Visual Literacy Collection Child Drama Collection Labriola National American Indian Data Center Special Collections University Archives. Each of the repositories collects current and historical information in a variety of formats including books, periodicals, microforms, photographs, institutional records, personal papers, videotapes and digital information. The department currently preserves and makes accessible over 20,000 linear feet of archival materials, more than one million photographs, and ca. 50,000 monographic titles (including rare books). These materials are stored in a state-of-the-art offsite storage facility. See also Ross-Blakeley Law Library's Arizona Appellate Briefs collection.

Contributed Collections:

Arizona Universities: Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona Thumbnail Image

Arizona Universities: Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona

Why Arizona? is a multi-year collaboration of archivists from the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University to support the forthcoming celebration of the Arizona Centennial in 2012. This digital library provides access to archival materials that tell us stories about how and why people came to Arizona, why they stayed, and why they left - from ancient times to the present. Through the use of archival photos, audio recordings, videos and texts--we will connect with individuals and families who chose Arizona for employment, religious freedom, ethnic communities or recreation.

Contributed Collections:

CAMA - Central Arizona Museum Association Thumbnail Image

CAMA - Central Arizona Museum Association

The Central Arizona Museum Association (CAMA) is a regional organization dedicated to fostering collaboration among museum professionals, encouraging professional development, improving professional practices, and promoting the value of member museums to the greater community.

Contributed Collections:

Cave Creek Museum Thumbnail Image

Cave Creek Museum

Cave Creek Museum is a private non-profit entity founded in 1968. The museum serves approximately 5,000 visitors and residents per year. It serves to preserve the artifacts of the prehistory, history, culture and legacy of the Cave Creek/Carefree foothills area through education, research and interpretive exhibits and programs.

Contributed Collections:

Cienega Watershed Partnership Thumbnail Image

Cienega Watershed Partnership

The Cienega Watershed Partnership ( is one of several partners actively engaged with a mission of sustaining the natural and cultural resources and lifestyles of the watershed in southeastern Arizona. The CWP Oral History Work Group provides workshops in oral history and works to promote and publicize the collections of its partner institutions.

Contributed Collections:

City of Glendale Thumbnail Image

City of Glendale

The Office of the City Clerk has played a vital role in the preservation of Glendale's history since it was founded in 1910. V.E. Messinger, the original City Clerk, handed down for future generations a detailed account of the 1,000 person religious farming community that was Glendale in the earlier part of last century. From a time of longhand cursive and leather bound books to the present age of microfilming and electronic records, the Clerk's office has committed itself to recording the actions of the City Council, preserving them as permanent documents, and making them available to the public in an efficient and timely manner.

Contributed Collections:

City of Williams Public Library Thumbnail Image

City of Williams Public Library

Williams Public Library serves the community of Williams, offering books, free Internet access, reference materials, an historical photo database, movies, CDs, and audio books.

Contributed Collections:

Cochise College Library Thumbnail Image

Cochise College Library

The Cochise College Libraries mission is to provide information and access to information, in all variety of formats, to the Cochise College students, faculty, and staff. Helping students develop skills to manage information that enhances their learning experience and prepares them for life in an ever-evolving society is a priority. The organization's services support effective teaching and student learning. The staff continues to increase information literacy throughout the College and community, and the Libraries proudly serve as the center of academic information.

Contributed Collections:

Cochise County Clerk of the Superior Court Thumbnail Image

Cochise County Clerk of the Superior Court

The Clerk of the Superior Court is an elected official and part of the judicial branch of government. The clerk keeps the court's records and exhibits, attends each session of court, administers oaths, handles court-controlled accounts, processes appeals and, outside Maricopa and Pima Counties, serves as the Jury Commissioner.

Contributed Collections:

Cochise County Treasurer's Office Thumbnail Image

Cochise County Treasurer's Office

The Cochise County Treasurer is the fiscal custodian of the County and is responsible for the administration and control of cash and securities. The duties involved in this responsibility include tax administration; receipt, deposit and disbursement of cash; supervision of county bank accounts; cash flow projections; investment of funds; debt management of bond issues, lines of credit and registered warrants. The County Treasurer plays a crucial role in county government administration.

Contributed Collections:

Colossal Cave Mountain Park Thumbnail Image

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Colossal Cave Mountain Park (CCMP) is a 2,400-acre Pima County park that includes Colossal Cave, a tourist attraction since the 1920s, and the La Posta Quemada Ranch, a working cattle ranch since the 1880s. The park is on the National Register of Historic Places. The park maintains a CCC museum, a research library containing materials about the history of the CCC throughout the country, and photographic archives, with more than three hundred historical CCC images.

Contributed Collections:

Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library, James E. Rogers College of Law Thumbnail Image

Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library, James E. Rogers College of Law

The Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library supports the curricular, scholarship, and research needs of the James E. Rogers College of Law, preparing highly competent legal professionals, advancing legal scholarship, and serving the university community and the people of Southern Arizona.

Contributed Collections:

Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve Thumbnail Image

Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve

The Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve is an archaeology museum and 47-acre Sonoran Desert preserve. It is part of Arizona State University's Center for Archaeology and Society and housed within the School of Human Evolution and Social Change; home to one of the top archaeology programs in the United States. It is the site of past archaeological investigations and features artifacts from the Center's collection, housed at its repository in Tempe, along with over 1600 petroglyphs - the largest concentration in the Phoenix area. It serves as a gateway to southwest archaeology sties and Arizona's rich cultural past.

Contributed Collections:

Flagstaff City - Coconino County Public Library Thumbnail Image

Flagstaff City - Coconino County Public Library

The Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library has several county branch and affiliate libraries that work directly with our Outreach Department to manage resources and programs. Our branch libraries include the East Flagstaff Community Library, the Coconino County Correctional Facility, the Forest Lakes Community Library, the Tuba City Public Library, and the Grand Canyon Community Library.

Contributed Collections:

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Thumbnail Image

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation maintains its international headquarters at Taliesin West, in Scottsdale, Arizona. As the organization founded by Wright to be the repository of his life's work and ideas and the first to bear his name, the Foundation is engaged in a broad range of activities to preserve Wright's legacy; provide opportunities for the public to learn about the principle ideas embodied in his work; increase public awareness of the importance of architecture to society and the individual; and stimulate a demand for excellence in architecture and design.

Contributed Collections:

GFWC Desert Jade Woman's Club Thumbnail Image

GFWC Desert Jade Woman's Club

The Desert Jade Woman's Club originated 50 years ago, in 1960, as the Desert Jade Junior Woman's Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Consisting primarily of Asian-American women as a social group in the early days, they decided to drop the age limitation of 35 years for new members on March 4, 1970 and open membership to all ages. In April 1960, the club became a part of the Arizona Federation of Women's Clubs-AFJWC and the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC).

Contributed Collections:

Gila County Historical Museum Thumbnail Image

Gila County Historical Museum

Step Into History at the Gila County Historical Museum The Gila County Historical Society was founded in 1955 in order to study, collect, preserve and disseminate the history of Gila County. Its non-profit all-volunteer museum is located in Globe on Highway 60, in the former Globe-Miami Mine Rescue Station that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Permanent exhibits include Native American artifacts dating back to 1125 A.D., Arizona's first Governor George W.P. Hunt's Victorian Room, and a print shop. Other displays depict the histories of mining, early day ranching, and many other aspects of local history. The library contains a fine collection of archival material, books, digital oral histories and photographs. The bookstore offers a variety of local histories for your reading pleasure.

Contributed Collections:

Gila County Recorder Thumbnail Image

Gila County Recorder

The Gila County Recorder's Office is the department in charge of recording & storing permanent copies of documents for Gila County. Our office maintains a comprehensive set of public records including maps dating back to 1882. These records are easily accessible to members of the public.

Contributed Collections:

Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Historical Society

The Council serves 2/3 of Arizona and the majority of girls who benefit from Girl Scout programs reside in Maricopa County. The Council also provides programming to girls living in Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Mohave, Navajo, and Yavapai counties, the northern half of Pinal and Graham counties, the portion of the Navajo Nation that extends into Utah and New Mexico as well as Laughlin, NV and Earp, CA.

Contributed Collections:

Glendale Community College John F. Prince Library Media Center Thumbnail Image

Glendale Community College John F. Prince Library Media Center

Glendale Community College has played a significant role in the development of our surrounding communities since our dedication in 1965. More than 32,000 students are enrolled in a wide variety of degree and certificate programs on their way to achieving personal goals that are as diverse as the people we serve. From learning more on a particular subject to earning a degree or certificate to preparing for a new career or transfer to a university, GCC students are hard at work, making life happen.

Contributed Collections:

Glendale Arizona Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Glendale Arizona Historical Society

Founded in 1973, the Glendale Arizona Historical Society is a highly visible force in historic preservation in Glendale, Arizona. The Society is dedicated to historic preservation in the broadest sense, including collecting and preserving artifacts, photographs, oral histories and written materials. Society members have also demonstrated a special attachment to and love for some of the historic buildings of the city, especially Manistee Ranch and Sahuaro Ranch. The Society has diligently restored these buildings, which are now used as a home base for the Glendale Arizona Historical Society.

Contributed Collections:

Glendale Public Library Thumbnail Image

Glendale Public Library

Glendale Public Library System has a main library and two branches, Foothills, and Velma Teague, with a new branch due to open in 2019. It is the oldest library in the Phoenix metro area, serving residents since 1895. The mission of Glendale Public Library, a service-oriented organization, is to empower our community by providing free and equitable access to information, technology, cultural, educational, and life-enhancing materials, and services.

Contributed Collections:

Greenlee County Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Greenlee County Historical Society

Greenlee County has seen Coronado's conquest and Geronimo's raids, outlaws and epidemics, destructive fire and devastating floods and the struggles to build Arizona's first railroad, bank and a vast Copper Empire.

Contributed Collections:

Heard Museum Thumbnail Image

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum, founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1929, is a non-profit cultural institution dedicated to educating the public about the arts, heritage and life ways of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, with an emphasis on American Indian tribes of the Southwest. The museum has an extensive collection of art, documentary and photographic works on American Indians.

Contributed Collections:

Heritage Square Phoenix Thumbnail Image

Heritage Square Phoenix

Heritage Square is the only remaining residential block from the original Phoenix townsite. This historic site provides a cultural respite in the heart of downtown and offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into what life was like for early Arizonans.

Contributed Collections:

Japanese American Citizens League, Arizona Chapter Thumbnail Image

Japanese American Citizens League, Arizona Chapter

The Arizona Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League is especially active in raising awareness and preserving the history of Japanese Americans in Arizona. In 2009, the Arizona Chapter of the JACL celebrated their 75th Anniversary in the state. The organization will continue to develop as a dynamic group in Arizona, rooted in a strong history, and committed to the future.

Contributed Collections:

Jerome Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Jerome Historical Society

The Jerome Historical Society as complete refurbished the original museum and the archives contains over 12,000 photographs and documents that tell the rich history of the mining town perched precarious, on top of Cleopatra Hill.

Contributed Collections:

Latino Perspectives Magazine Thumbnail Image

Latino Perspectives Magazine

Latino Perspectives Media (LPM) publishes Latino Perspectives Magazine ­ telling the story of Arizona Latinos defining and pursuing the American dream with cultural pride. LPM also publishes individual books on Arizona Latino History, such as Faces of Post 41, contained herein.

Contributed Collections:

Lowell Observatory Archives Thumbnail Image

Lowell Observatory Archives

Lowell Observatory is a private, non-profit, astronomical research institution in Flagstaff, founded in 1894 by Percival Lowell. Famous discoveries include the first evidence of the expanding universe, the discovery of Pluto and the discovery of the rings of Uranus. Today, our astronomers study stars, planets, comets, asteroids and galaxies. Daytime guided tours and nighttime sky viewing are offered throughout the year, and in 2012 Lowell celebrated the completion of its 4.3-meter Discovery Channel Telescope near Happy Jack, AZ.

Contributed Collections:

Maricopa County Library District Thumbnail Image

Maricopa County Library District

The Maricopa County Library District is a system of seventeen public libraries in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Mission of the Maricopa County Library District is to provide access to reading, exploring and discovering for all so they can be lifelong learners. The Maricopa County Library District aspires to be the vibrant community front porch, a destination where people exchange ideas, gain access, foster creativity and pursue knowledge.

Contributed Collections:

Martin-Springer Institute Thumbnail Image

Martin-Springer Institute

The Martin-Springer Institute attends to the experiences of the Holocaust in order to relate them to today's concerns, crises, and conflicts. Our programs promote the values of moral courage, tolerance, empathy, reconciliation, and justice. Founded by Ralph and Doris Martin, the Institute fosters dialogue on local, national, and international levels.

Contributed Collections:

Mesa Community College Thumbnail Image

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College began as an extension campus of Phoenix College in 1963 and was formally established on April 12, 1965. On September 9, 1999 the Mesa Community College's Paul A. Elsner Library and High Technology Complex was dedicated to ex-Chancellor Dr. Paul A. Elsner.

Contributed Collections:

Mohave Museum of History and Arts Thumbnail Image

Mohave Museum of History and Arts

The Mohave Museum of History and Arts was founded in 1961 by the Mohave Historical Society. Located in Kingman, Arizona, the Museum is a private, not-for-profit organization. Its growth and current operations are financed entirely by admissions, memberships and contributions. The Museum is dedicated to the purposes of preserving the heritage of Northwestern Arizona and of presenting that history to the public. The Museum and Library house a collection of artifacts, photographs, oral histories, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, and publications that document the history of Mohave County, Arizona.

Contributed Collections:

Museum of Northern Arizona Thumbnail Image

Museum of Northern Arizona

The mission of the Museum of Northern Arizona is to inspire a sense of love and responsibility for the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Plateau through collecting, studying, interpreting, and preserving the region's natural and cultural heritage. In 2004, MNA Trustees reaffirmed the core tenets of the museum as set forth by cofounders Dr. Harold Colton, zoologist and archaeologist, and professional artist Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton when MNA was established on Sept. 6, 1928. The museum today is an AAM accredited 501(c)3 non-profit collections, research and education institution with nearly 3,500 members.

Contributed Collections:

National Park Service Thumbnail Image

National Park Service

The national park concept is generally credited to the artist George Catlin, who on a trip to the Dakotas in 1832, worried about the impact of America's westward expansion on Indian civilization, wildlife, and wilderness. They might be preserved, he wrote, "by some great protecting policy of government... in a magnificent park.... A nation's park, containing man and beast, in all the wild and freshness of their nature's beauty!"

Contributed Collections:

Navajo County Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Navajo County Historical Society

The Navajo County Historical Society was founded May 1979 in Winslow, Arizona by a group of interested residents. The mission of the Navajo County Historical Society (Holbrook, AZ branch) is to: Collect and preserve data touching the early history of Navajo County and the State of Arizona, in the form of documents, printed and published materials, photographs, paintings and artifacts. Interpret and disseminate Navajo County's history through exhibitions, printed materials and other media. Provide the resources for research by maintaining a museum, archives and library.

Contributed Collections:

Northern Arizona University, Cline Library Thumbnail Image

Northern Arizona University, Cline Library

The Northern Arizona University, Cline Library is honored to serve as the home for a rich array of archival material which documents the history and development of the Colorado Plateau in a variety of disciplines. The public treasures found in Special Collections and Archives take the form of several million items including letters, diaries, and ledgers; vintage and contemporary photographs; oral history interviews; films; and maps. The library is committed to sharing this regional heritage with a global audience in support of education and enjoyment.

Contributed Collections:

Old Trails Museum / Winslow Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Old Trails Museum / Winslow Historical Society

Owned and operated by the Winslow Historical Society, the Old Trails Museum explores the history and cultures of Winslow, Arizona, and the surrounding area through exhibits and programs.

Contributed Collections:

Oracle Historical Society & Acadia Ranch Museum Thumbnail Image

Oracle Historical Society & Acadia Ranch Museum

The Oracle Historical Society, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization. The mission of the organization is to preserve historical artifacts and properties; to educate, to encourage awareness and appreciation of the unique cultural-historical heritage of the community of Oracle and surrounding areas; and to promote alliances that enhance the Society's ability to influence the future by honoring the past.

Contributed Collections:

Patagonia Museum Thumbnail Image

Patagonia Museum

The Patagonia Museum was incorporated in the state of Arizona in 2004. The Patagonia Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving the culture and history of eastern Santa Cruz County. The Patagonia Museum was granted 501c (3) status by the IRS in 2007.

Contributed Collections:

Phoenix College Thumbnail Image

Phoenix College

Phoenix College was founded in 1920 with just 53 students and is now part of the Maricopa Community Colleges, a district that ranks as the nation's largest community college system and the single largest provider of higher education and career training in Arizona. Located near 12th Avenue and Thomas Road, Phoenix College is near the heart of the city's business and cultural centers.

Contributed Collections:

Phoenix Sister Cities Taipei Sister Cities Committee Thumbnail Image

Phoenix Sister Cities Taipei Sister Cities Committee

Taipei, Taiwan and Phoenix, Arizona signed a formal agreement to establish a strong and long-lasting sister cities relationship on March 13, 1979. Phoenix Sister Cities Taipei City Committee members volunteer, support and participate in a variety of cultural and civic activities.

Contributed Collections:

Pima County Public Library Thumbnail Image

Pima County Public Library

The Pima County Public Library is a system of 26 libraries operated by Pima County in Tucson, Arizona. The mission of the Pima County Public Library is to enrich lives and build community through providing opportunities to learn, know and interact. As such, it offers free access to library resources in an atmosphere that fosters respect, intellectual freedom and diversity. It acts as a forum for information and ideas by forging strong community partnerships. And through its numerous programs for children, teens and adults, it provides a foundation for life-long learning.

Contributed Collections:

Pinetop-Lakeside Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Pinetop-Lakeside Historical Society

This 501(c) 3 non-profit organization was formed on Nov. 9, 1996 and incorporated on Nov. 6, 1999, with a mission to collect, preserve and exhibit historic artifacts, documents, and photographs of Pinetop-Lakeside and the surrounding area in Arizona's White Mountains from the earliest of time to the present.

Contributed Collections:

Postal History Foundation Thumbnail Image

Postal History Foundation

Founded in 1960 as the Western Postal History Museum, the Postal History Foundation is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to postal history and research. Renamed in 1990, the Foundation's mission is to promote an appreciation of stamp collecting and postal history through the preservation of philatelic collections, literature and documents, and the enhancement of youth education using stamps as teaching tools.

Contributed Collections:

Prescott Public Library, City of Prescott Thumbnail Image

Prescott Public Library, City of Prescott

Prescott's Carnegie Library opened its doors on Gurley Street in November 1903. The Carnegie Library served the community for over 70 years. Growth of Prescott resulted in a larger library in 1975 at 215 E. Goodwin St. This facility was renovated again in 2005, opening in 2006 as a greatly expanded and updated library.

Contributed Collections:

Pueblo Grande Museum Thumbnail Image

Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande is one of the names given to a major Hohokam village on the north bank of the Salt River. This archaeological site is also the location of Pueblo Grande Museum, which serves as a public interpretative facility as well as the archaeological repository for the City of Phoenix.

Contributed Collections:

Raul H. Castro Institute Thumbnail Image

Raul H. Castro Institute

The Raúl H. Castro Institute (RCI), named after the first and only Mexican-American Governor of Arizona (1975-1977), is one of the community engagement initiatives at Maricopa Community Colleges.

Contributed Collections:

Ross-Blakley Law Library, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Thumbnail Image

Ross-Blakley Law Library, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

The Ross-Blakley Law Library collections and services are designed to meet the legal information needs of the faculty, the students, the University community and the public. We maintain a collection of primary authority and secondary source materials. The Law Library is a participant in the Federal Library Depository Program. Some collection emphases include Indian Law, English Legal History and a large collection of Arizona appellate court briefs.

Contributed Collections:

Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area Thumbnail Image

Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area

One of the Valley's oldest and most magnificent ranches, the 17-acre Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area features 13 original historic buildings and structures, a rose garden, barnyard, and orchards. The lush grounds include citrus, figs, date palms, olives, apricots, peaches, pecans, and grapes. Visitors will also see peacocks, chickens, and perhaps other small animals.

Contributed Collections:

Scottsdale Community College Thumbnail Image

Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College Library was established with the opening of the college in 1970. Located on leased land of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, it is one of ten colleges in the Maricopa Community College District. Scottsdale Community College Library is committed to teaching and promoting information literacy, providing quality library resources and services, and supporting the curriculum and information needs of the college and community.

Contributed Collections:

Scottsdale Public Library Thumbnail Image

Scottsdale Public Library

The Scottsdale Public Library is a system of four libraries operated by the City of Scottsdale. The mission of the Scottsdale Public Library is to provide a supportive environment for the community to discover opportunities, explore ideas, interact with others, and become life-long learners. The library has a collection of over 800,000 physical items in its locations and makes thousands more available through online services to its customers.

Contributed Collections:

Sedona Historical Society Thumbnail Image

Sedona Historical Society

The Sedona Historical Society The Sedona Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose efforts are entirely funded by the generous support of members and sponsors. The Society's mission is to research, preserve and teach the history of the greater Sedona area. As part of that effort the Society operates the Sedona Heritage Museum at 735 Jordan Road in Uptown Sedona. In addition to the Museum, the Society offers oral history and living history programs, student programs, a research library, speakers bureau, partnerships with local businesses and organizations, and many other special, history-related programs.

Contributed Collections:

Sharlot Hall Museum, Library and Archives Thumbnail Image

Sharlot Hall Museum, Library and Archives

Sharlot Hall Museum, a state funded agency and non-profit entity, was founded in 1928 by Arizona historian, poetess, and activist Sharlot Mabdrith Hall. The Museum Library and Archives, a full service research facility, serves over 3,000 patrons a year and holds archaeological, cultural, and historical materials related to County and Northern Arizona. Vast collections of rare books, manuscripts, diaries, personal papers, organizational papers, maps, photographs, oral histories, archaeological reports, local and state governmental records, and genealogical materials vary in subject matter. Subjects range from Native populations and early Caucasian settlement to modern mining, ranching, and business history of and Northern Arizona. Our doors are always open to researchers: local, out-of-town, professional, amateur, and academic. Remote access to databases, finding aids, historical articles, and other valuable resources is also available.

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Show Low Historical Society Museum

The Show Low Historical Society, a city funded agency and non-profit entity, was founded in 1995. The founders were Dr. Albert Armstrong, Jo Ann Hatch, Louis Rawlings, Jackie Solomon and Joseph Woolford. The museum serves more than 2000 patrons a year and holds archaeological, cultural, and historical materials related to the White Mountains of Arizona.

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Sun Cities Area Historical Society

Sun City's history began January 1, 1960, at the intersection of 107th Avenue and Oakmont Drive. It was on that day that the Del E Webb Corporation unveiled the world's first active-adult resort retirement community. Sun City's history can still be found at the intersection of 107th Avenue and Oakmont Drive. Next to the Oakmont Recreation Center sits the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum and the headquarters of the Sun Cities Area Historical Society. The museum occupies one of the first five model homes in Sun City.

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Taylor/Shumway Heritage Foundation

The Taylor/Shumway Heritage Foundation became a functioning organization in 1992 but was not incorporated until 1997. Prior to that time it was a part of the Navajo County Historical Society but its participation was limited. The mission of the Taylor/Shumway Heritage Foundation is to foster activities that will preserve and enhance the heritage of Taylor and Shumway and the surrounding areas.

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Thunderbird School of Global Management

Founded in 1946 on the grounds of the deactivated airbase Thunderbird Field I, Thunderbird (a.k.a. American Institute for Foreign Trade) was the first graduate management school focused exclusively on global business. Now, Thunderbird School of Global Management, a part of the Arizona State University, is regarded as the world's leading institution in the education of global managers. Ranked #1 in international business by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and U.S. News and World Report, Thunderbird is dedicated to educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide. Its graduates are distinguished by a global mindset that allows them to work successfully with individuals from diverse cultures and to manage effectively in different social, economic, and political environments. More than 44,000 students have graduated from Thunderbird, and its alumni live and work in more than 140 countries. Thunderbird School of Global Management is a contributing partner to the "Listening to Glendale's Past" collection.

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Town of Marana

Although a relatively young municipality, the community has a long and rich history with more than 4,200 years of continuous human occupation in Marana and the surrounding middle Santa Cruz Valley. Long before the coming of the Spanish Conquistadors and missionaries in the 17th Century, the area was inhabited by the Hohokam people who developed extensive canal systems and used waters from the Santa Cruz River to irrigate crops.

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Tucson High Magnet School / Tucson High Badger Foundation

Tucson High is the oldest operating public high school in the state of Arizona and also TUSD's first magnet high school. THMS obtained its magnet status in 1982 and boasts four areas of specialized study in: Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Mathematics and Technology. In addition our unique location enables students to take advantage of programs at the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, and the Downtown Arts District.

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Tucson Museum of Art Research Library

The Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block encompasses an entire city block in historic downtown, and features original and traveling exhibitions focusing on Art of Latin America, Art of the American West, Modern and Contemporary Art and Asian Art as well as tours, education programs, studio art classes, and Museum Store to delight and educate visitors. The Tucson Museum of Art serves the city and surrounding regions and is committed to broadening public access to the arts, enriching daily life.

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Tucson's January 8th Memorial Foundation

January 8, 2011 is a day seared into memory of our community, our state and our nation. The shooting that occurred at U.S. Congresswoman Giffords' "Congress on your Corner" event in Tucson wounded thirteen and killed six individuals who were participating in a fundamental act of democracy. In the months that followed the tragedy a group of survivors, family members and community leaders began discussing the need for a permanent memorial to remember and honor those that perished or were injured as a result of assassination attempt against Congresswoman Giffords at the Congress on Your Corner event on January 8, 2011.

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University of Arizona Poetry Center

Founded in 1960 by Ruth Walgreen Stephan, the University of Arizona Poetry Center combines a world-class special collections poetry library with vigorous outreach programming, including a reading series that features nationally and internationally known writers, children's programming, writers' residencies, and community classes and workshops. The Poetry Center houses one of the largest collections of contemporary poetry in the United States, and it is among the few such collections that are entirely accessible to the public.

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University of Arizona Special Collections

Special Collections established in 1958, is a department of the University of Arizona Libraries. Special Collections collects, preserves, and makes accessible historical and contemporary materials relating to Southwestern Americana and U.S./Mexico Borderlands history, Congressional and Political Affairs in Arizona, the history of science, fine and theatre arts, the art of the book, and British and American Literature. Special Collections is committed to developing distinctive holdings by acquiring unique materials that will build in regional topics where there is little coverage elsewhere. Special Collections collaborates with its partners to develop and link educational, research, and public service programs to meet the needs of the University, the citizens of Arizona, and the greater scholarly community.

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Vail Preservation Society

The Vail Preservation Society endeavors to preserve and present the history and historic resources of Vail and the Cienega Corridor in ways that recognize, honor, and interpret the rich diversity of our community's shared past as the foundation for a shared future.

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Yavapai College

The mission of the Yavapai College Library is to support and enhance the academic, professional and lifelong learning needs of the Yavapai College community. This is accomplished by providing information resources, technology and support necessary in teaching and learning and by providing environments, services and programs that promote discovery, engagement and value of lifelong learning.

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Yuma County Library District

The District serves Yuma County with eight library locations, one of which is the San Luis Branch located on the border with Mexico. Oral histories and photographs are housed here in the hopes of drawing attention to the cultural diversity and history of the people the Yuma County Library District serves. The newly built San Luis Branch overlooks the very fields in which the interviewees have worked for decades.

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