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Arizona Highways, 1970-11




Pinal Count~ Arizona~ U.S.A.
[...]LVI No. r r NOVEMBER 1970 mines, and others yielding gold, s[...]. The most likely explanation is
PINAL CouNTY, ARIZONA, U.S.A. 2[...]now that many
Governor of Arizona readers are going to wonder why the Casa Grande Ruins are
ARIZONA HIGHWAY COMMISSION[...]that the population of Pinal County in r 930 was
ARIZONA HIGHWAYS is published monthly by the Arizona Highway 22,03 r, and today, 67,876. Percentagewise it seems impres,
Department. Address: ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, 2039 W. Lewis Ave.,[...]led. Spread over 3,44 r ,920 acres there
Phoenix, Arizona 85009. $5.00 per year in U .S. and possessions;
$[...]wide-open space for a six-foot man to stand tall
Arizona, under Act of March 3, I 879 . Copyrighted© 1 97[...]eek and a half in any direction and breathe 99.99
Arizona Highway Department. Printed in Arizona, U.S.A. percent clean air.[...]COLOR CLASSICS FROM ARIZONA HIGHWAYS
VAN CAMPEN. The Pinal Pioneer Parkway drive on U.S . 80 is
undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable routes in Arizona if travel time[...]ted desert plant available on request. Address: ARIZONA HIGHWAYS , 2039 West
life. Near Oracle Junction, close to[...]nd of the Parkway, Lewis Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85009.
the stands of Yucca are outstanding and th[...]TC-322 Superior, Arizona, p. 16; MOV,27 Main Street, p. 16;
MOUNTAIN" BY D[...]ton Picking Time, p . 25; V,199 Ocotil\o, p. 26 ;
Arizona has its lost mine legends, and that of the[...]
[...]the "Death Valley
County, Arizona, all these things are found Days" television s[...]within a 3 Vz million acre piece of Arizona Apacheland in an interesting one, and tours ar[...]speak of the four "C's" out here in Arizona - major factors
Phoenix for exhibition games of t[...]Copper, Cattle, Cotton, and Climate. Few of Arizona's four-
the outstanding resort and convention hot[...]ese activities, but Pinal
Spring baseball in Arizona is hardly news, but the idea is one of t[...]s. Arizona. Home of Arizona State Prison. Agricultural center and trading[...]nction is one of the most scenic desert drives in Arizona. Many
two were captured. As a result of the Battl[...]adside rest areas installed and maintained by the Arizona
the Stars and Bars were never again seen in this[...]of Arizona. Practically every desert plant there is can be seen here. Civil War was fought in Arizona.
with picnic tables for the traveling public and[...]Miami-Superior Highway (U.S. 60-70), one of Arizona 's most scenic arteries richest and most[...]ntral 4. SUPERSTITION MOUNTAIN. Noted Arizona historical and scenic land- 11. C[...]ACHE JUNCTION. Gateway to the famed Apache Trail (Arizona 88) farm the rich lands along th[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS[...]
[...]into the interests and the vast bulk of Arizona's "snowbirds" who flock to the resort[...]only county bureau in Arizona, but the experiment is being people" are[...]of agriculture to the state of Arizona. There is a great deal of three mile trip lead[...]Arizona," ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, March, 1967 ).[...]up roots and become Arizona residents. In this respect Pinal Superstit[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS NO V[...]I 970 ARIZONA HIGHWAYS[...]
[...]to all of the other large scale Arizona copper operations. From[...]issue of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, I noted with interest that it had
spot, all with[...]Desert Bio-
logical Station by the University of Arizona, and there is no[...]by the Arizona Highway Department within Pinal Pioneer[...]Silver dining room so far from major highways. As previously men,[...]traveler through the state, Arizona Place Names.[...]architecture without peer in Arizona, and is worth an entire[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS NOVEMBER I[...]I 970 ARIZONA HIGHWAYS[...]
Kearney, Arizona is a fine example of a well planned mining commun[...]Arizona City is a new bright star in a galaxy of outstand[...]Maricopa - Phoenix
of the Arizona Supreme Court, Judge McFarland has served[...]from any angle, but I think this Coolidge, Arizona, is a remarkable "apartment house" built[...]ounty past the famous San Marcos Hotel ARIZONA HIGHWAYS.[...]cellent intersection and on to Eloy and Arizona City. Eloy is another
If you're watching cal[...]nut Canyon National Monuments in Northern Arizona it is Arizona City is a new planned community appealing to reti[...]just north of Arizona City at Toltec, recently incorporated
[...]on to the growing list of luxury guest resorts in Arizona. Springtime at[...]wtown to take advantage of the water, feed,

[...]sed right by one of the
prettiest spots in all of Arizona. A dirt road Io miles north
of Mammoth heads east[...]nic that it was the subject on an entire issue of
ARIZONA HIGHWAYS in August I 96 5, by photographer and
explorer of[...]County is also the home of the brand-new Central
Arizona College, located north of Casa Grande so as to be[...]lad they're living the good life in Pinal
County, Arizona, U. S. A.

The author of this story, Car[...]book THE COLOR PANORAMA OF CARLOS
ELMER' S ARIZONA. 44 colorful views of Arizona's
scenic wonders make a nice Christmas gift. Available at
book stores throughout Arizona or directly from the author
at $4.00, postpaid - Carlos H. Elmer, Box 875,_Scotts,
dale, Arizona 852.52..[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS NOVEMB[...]
[...]er' THEODORE COGSWELL "Superior, Arizona" THEODORE COGSWELL[...]
[...]IN VAN CAMPEN "Open Pit Copper Mine-Ray, Arizona" FRANCIS LIGHTNER
[...]ence, Arizona. from every angl[...]ings through southern Arizona centuries[...]walked the lands that now are Arizona. mesquite - is heaped, then fired at the[...]by a more civilized people. cious Arizona charcoal steaks, the product the writer's[...]I 970 ARIZONA HIGHWAYS
[...]. . . Florence was the Queen City of Territorial Arizona;
founded in 1886 by Levi Ruggles who came to Arizona as
an Indian agent in 1866.
The first house[...]l County.
From Arizona Place Names
University of Arizona Press
[...]For this was the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, whose
history of violence has co[...]ines.
Lying in south-central Arizona, approximately forty miles
east of[...]nds back to the time
this part of Arizona belonged to Spain . The Spaniards gave[...]le Canyons. The first half of the trail was

[...]Arizona . The highlight of their activities each year is[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS NOVEMBER[...]I 970 ARIZONA HIGHWAYS[...]
[...]ARIZONA HIGHWAYS CALENDAR[...]giving the location of the lost mines, came to Arizona in 193 1. running canyon, whose rocky walls[...]hills. The mile high elevation so tempers the Arizona sun that[...]I 970 ARIZONA HIGHWAYS[...]
[...]your staff for the September issue of ARIZONA
A mountain's rugged height.[...]HIGHWAYS.
The birds are passing through;[...]such as the one on Pima most treasured is my ARIZONA HIGHWAYS ,[...]enough to enter a subscription to ARIZONA
to gather an armful,[...]are tinder for the sun Arizona's 'Magic Garden' was of particular inter, ho[...]ation of art Tucson,.Arizona
LIFE CHANT[...]I<.:nown officially as the University of Arizona Desert Biology Station, Superior, Arizona.
- Patricia Benton[...]


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