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Executive Order 2017-08: The Establishment of Arizona as An Employment First State


[...]na as an
Employment First State

WHEREAS, Arizonans who have disabilities a[...]a have some form of disability; and

WHEREAS, the employment gap between individuals with and without disabili[...]EAS, opportunities for meaningful and competitive employment will improve the individuals' quality
of life, in[...]developmental disability funding spent on day and employment
services went to integrated employment; and

WHEREAS, an inclusive and diverse workforce[...]rove and coordinate efforts to increase community employment
opportunities for Arizonans who have disabilities[...]persons who have disabilities shall implement
Employment First in Arizona and shall coordinate efforts to improve employment opportunities for
working-age adults wh[...]
[...]abilities to increase opportunities for community employment;
b. In collaboration with stakeholders, id[...]expand model programs to increase community employment opportunities;
c. Establish interagency ag[...]te;
d. Set targets for improving community employment opportunities;
e. Employment First focuses on assisting individuals who have disabilities attain competitive
integrated employment. Competitive integrated employment means work performed on a full-time
or[...]of a person who has a disability to select an
employment option that they determine to be the best[...]