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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arizona Memory Project?

The Arizona Memory Project (AMP) is a platform for your institution to provide free, online, public access to your digital collections related to Arizona history and culture.


Can I use the Arizona Memory Project as a digital repository or archive?

The Arizona Memory Project is a platform for access, not a digital preservation system. All contributors are encouraged to make separate arrangements for the preservation of their content..  


Who can become a Partner?

Partnership is open to all institutions in Arizona with material that documents the history, culture, and statecraft of Arizona. This includes libraries, museums, archives, schools, historical societies, nonprofits, and private businesses. Individuals with unique materials are also eligible to become a Partner.


How do I become a Partner?

All partnerships start with an application for a new collection, which can be found on Become a Contributor page. This page also includes information on the Collection Development Policy, metadata standards, and an overview of the process to create a new collection.

Applications are non-competitive and can be submitted at any time.


Does it cost anything to become a Partner?

There is no application fee, no charge to become a Partner, and no charge for digital storage. However, Partner institutions are responsible for the costs associated with completing a collection such as staff time and scanning equipment.


Funding is an issue at my institution. Can I receive any financial assistance?

Some grants and funding opportunities may be available. For example, if your institution is a library, you can apply for a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) grant. Many Arizona Memory Project collections were created using LSTA funding.


What platform does Arizona Memory Project use?

The Arizona Memory Project utilizes Recollect a product of New Zealand Micrographic Services.


Do you provide training?

Yes, training is provided upon request for assistance with metadata entry. Metadata guidelines and templates are also accessible and can be downloaded for use in metadata entry. Partners are responsible for completing the metadata for their collection(s) while Arizona Memory Project staff handle the data ingest. Arizona Memory Project staff are available to answer questions by phone, email, or in-person consultation. 


What kind of metadata do we need to provide?

The Arizona Memory Project uses customized templates based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Arizona Memory Project staff provide Metadata Standards and Guidelines that explain how to enter metadata.


How long does it take to create an Arizona Memory Project collection?

The time it takes to create a collection depends on your resources, the size of your collection, how much metadata you have, and how much digitization has already been completed. A small collection that already has metadata and been digitized may only take a month, while a large collection that has not been digitized may take over a year.

There is no time limit in which you need to complete a collection, but the application includes a projected timeline so we have an idea of how long the process will take, and how often we should check in with you to make sure everything is progressing as anticipated.


Does the Arizona Memory Project own my material after I submit it? 

No. The Arizona Memory Project only provides access to your materials. Submitting materials to the Arizona Memory Project is not a donation or transfer of ownership. You retain all existing rights and ownership of your own material.


Can I have more than one collection on the Arizona Memory Project?

Yes, you can have as many collections on the Arizona Memory Project as you’d like. Just submit a separate application for each collection.


Can I edit or delete my collection after it’s been published?

Yes. You can request Arizona Memory Project staff to edit or delete metadata and content. A request to delete does not automatically result in deletion. Final say in what is approved for deletion comes from the State Librarian.


Can I publish my collections elsewhere after they’re submitted to the Arizona Memory Project?

Yes. Your material can be exhibited in any other venue beyond the Arizona Memory Project. Some Arizona Memory Project Partners feature digital libraries or exhibits on their own institution’s website that complement their collection(s).


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.