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The Arizona Memory Project for Genealogists

As a genealogy researcher, you are likely looking for your ancestor, place of residence, or other information related to your family history.
Here are some places you may want to search and/or browse to locate this information.


Not every Arizona newspaper is eligible for digitization, but the newspapers you will find on the Arizona Memory Project cover the years 1859 to 1989. You will also find over 120 different newspapers from each of Arizona's 15 counties and across several different subjects and special communities. Every issue is fully text searchable with an option to open the pages in a separate viewer for an even crisper view.

New newspaper titles are being added all the time, so make sure to come back often to see if the title you are looking for has been digitized. You can also see a complete list of newspaper titles, locations, and years we have on microfilm and make an appointment to view them in our Reading Room.

Please note, some of our digitized newspapers are quite large, and may take a few moments to fully open on the page and/or in the separate viewer.

Need help searching the newspapers? Here is a video with some tips on how to find what you are looking for.

City Directories

You will find nearly 400 city directories from 1881 through 1989 covering most of Arizona on the Arizona Memory Project. Some of the city directories focus on business, while others include cities in Texas, New Mexico, and California. These city directories can provide information such as family members, addresses and home ownership status, and employment details, along with information and advertising from the local community. Please note, some of our digitized city directories are quite large, and may take a few moments to fully open on the page.

In addition to city directories, other directories may also prove helpful in your genealogy research. These include directories for agencies, colleges and universities (like Arizona State University), military personnel, and other organizations- there's a lot to discover!

You might find this video useful in finding and searching these types of directories.


You will find yearbooks in several collections on the Arizona Memory Project, highlighting the experiences of middle/junior high school, high school, and college/university students. Nearly 600 yearbooks cover the years 1903 to 1996 from organizations all across Arizona and provide a look at student activities, social norms, and the popular sports of the time.

This video may help you locate and explore all the yearbooks on the Arizona Memory Project.

Other Materials

You may also find thinks like agency or employee newsletters (also known as ‘house organs’) useful. You may also find our collection of Brand Books helpful. You can also use our Arizona Genealogy Resources Libguide to direct you in your research. We also have several extensive collections of photographs, though many lack identifying information. If you recognize an ancestor in one of our photos, click the email icon to the left of the image and let us know so we can update the information.

The Arizona State Archives, part of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, may also have materials of interest to your genealogy research. In addition to their digital collections on the Arizona Memory Project, the Arizona State Archives collects some government documents, photographs, oral histories, personal papers, education, health, and institutional records, and provides access to Contact the Archives for more information or to schedule an appointment in our Reading Room to view materials.

Still Stuck?

If you are still having trouble locating an item or are interested in making an appointment to visit our Reading Room, please fill out our contact form.