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Legal and Legislative Researchers

The Arizona Memory Project
for Legal and Legislative Researchers

As a legal or legislative researcher, you will need to locate materials related to current and historic Arizona lawmaking. The Arizona Memory Project is home to a growing number of law-related collections and documents that will be useful in your research.

Session Laws

The Arizona Session Laws are just one of the collections in our Law Collection. Session Laws are the first printing of legislation after it becomes law. They are a useful resource for tracking how laws have changed over time and for determining the bill number for the legislation that initiated the changes. All of the Session Laws are text searchable and new ones are added every year. Please note, many of our digitized legal resources are quite large, and may take a few moments to fully open on the page.

Additionally, the Arizona Memory Project is also home to a collection of Territorial Session Laws. These session laws are the compilation of legislation passed by the Legislative Assemblies of the Territory of Arizona prior to achieving statehood in 1912. Other territorial law collections includes the Introduced Bills of the Arizona Territory.

Arizona Senate and House Journals

The Arizona Memory Project is also home to the Journals of the Arizona Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives. The journals chronicle the proceedings of the Arizona Legislature and can contain the Governor's Opening Message to the Legislature (sometimes called the "State of the State Address") and veto messages from the governor. They also record the introduction and final disposition of the bills along with the details of the votes. The Journals also contain a history of the bills for that session, as well as a listing of committees and their membership.

You can find information on the current Arizona Legislative session, including the bill tracker, current Arizona Revised Statues, and Legislative events on the Arizona Legislature website.

Arizona Administrative Code

The Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) is the publication of regulatory rules adopted by Arizona state agencies. The A.A.C. was published in its entirety in 1974. Amendments to the A.A.C. and repeal of its provisions are made by numbered Supplements. Researchers consult the Supplements to learn when a particular provision was adopted, amended, or repealed and to read changes in the text of a rule. The collection is organized into Titles by topic and further divided into Chapters, Articles, and Sections. The current A.A.C. is published on the website of the Arizona Secretary of State.

Other Materials

There are lots of other materials in our law collections, including Legislative Bill Files, Rulemaking Packages, Attorney General Opinions, and Executive Orders, all of which can be found on our Law Collection page.

You might also find our LibGuides for performing legislative research useful. There you will find help in how to conduct legislative resource, along with resources on Lemon Laws, our Patent and Trademark Research Center, and Administrative Code research assistance. There is also a guide on how to conduct Federal Legislative history research. Additional resources, including research guides, research assistance, and database access can be found on our Legal Resources page or on our Roadmap to Legislative Research.

If general legislative history is what you are interested in, you may find the History of the Arizona State Legislature 1912-1966 of interest.

The Arizona State Archives, part of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, may also have materials of interest to your legal or legislative research. In addition to their digital collections on the Arizona Memory Project, the Arizona State Archives collects government documents, agency reports, and institutional records. Contact the Archives for more information or to schedule an appointment in our Reading Room to view materials.

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