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State Employees

The Arizona Memory Project for State Employees

As state employee, you may be looking for information published by a specific agency at a specific time.
Here are some places you may want to search and/or browse to locate this information.

State Government Documents

The Arizona State Government Publications is a collection of publications produced by and for Arizona state agencies. Examples of items in this collection include annual & monthly reports, agency newsletters, audits, special investigations, and House & Senate reports. New materials are being added on a regular basis, so be sure to return often to see what is new. All documents are fully text searchable and available for downloading.

Additionally, information published on state agency websites is archived on a regular basis. To access archived information, visit ArchiveIt. Archived agency websites can also be found on ArchiveIt.

Arizona State Government Publications can be located using search, or by browsing through the state agency pages. You can also find complete agency histories for dozens of current and historic state agencies on our State Agency Histories page.

Federal Government Documents

Because the State of Arizona Research Library is a Regional Federal Depository Library, you will find Arizona-related Federal documents across seven unique collections in our Federal Documents Collection. The Federal Documents collection spans more than 170 years of United States history and illuminates Arizona’s changing relationship with the rest of the country. You can discover information about public lands, military installations, interstate highways, water policy and more. All documents are fully text searchable and available for downloading.

Not only are our Federal Documents combined into themed collections, they are also combined within the agency that created or took part in the publication. Over a dozen different federal agency pages have been created to help find materials that were published by a specific federal government entity. Additionally, the State of Arizona Research Library is a Digital Access Partner of the Government Publishing Office (GPO), which means we have made a commitment to make digital resources within scope of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) publicly accessible at no cost.

Law Materials

The Law Collections on the Arizona Memory Project cover legislative Session Laws and Journals, territorial documents and statutes, Administrative Codes and Registers, Attorney General Opinions, Executive Orders, and more. These materials can often be used to tie together agency projects, legislative or agency committees, or to determine the date an agency was established or abolished. Items in the Law Collection are fully text searchable and available for downloading.

Other Materials

There are a few other collections that may be useful to state employees, including the Arizona Historical Newspaper Collection, city directories, and Arizona Universities and Colleges. Partner collections, such as those from the Arizona Capitol Museum, Arizona State University Library, the University of Arizona Special Collections, or the Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives may also be useful for state employees.

The Arizona State Archives, part of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, may also have materials of interest to your legal or legislative research. In addition to their digital collections on the Arizona Memory Project, the Arizona State Archives collects government documents, agency reports, and institutional records. Contact the Archives for more information or to schedule an appointment in our Reading Room to view materials.

Still Stuck?

If you are still having trouble locating an item or are interested in making an appointment to visit our Reading Room, please fill out our contact form.